Deambarino Jubelito
aka Jubli
Sire: CH Maikel von der Wilkenburg
Dam: Snowyhaven Qarla
DOB: 10/01/2020
Color: Lilac Lynx (carrying Non-agouti)
Blood Type: B (b/b)

Jubelito's DNA test results, all clear

Jubelito is an absolute miracle. After his mom, Quarli, was treated with 3 different antibiotics unsuccessfully for a Pyometra, we treated her successful with Chlorine Dioxide after the appointment for her spay failed. The uneducated Vet was unfamiliar with the special anesthesia Birmans need and neither with the special thread for the stiches I was requesting. This day I picked her up from the Vet unspayed. Needless to say I was very upset waisting my time. Quarli went short after in heat again and was mated by Maikel. At this time he was over 16 years old and we didn't know if his little swimmers will still make it. Mikki always mated the girls once or twice, never more. So he mated her once, I know this for sure, because I was sitting right next to it. And wow, Quarli got pregnant. She had two babies, but the first stuck in the pelvis and was already deceased and the Vet could save Jubelitos life after they performed a C-Section. He is the best gift I have received since I am breeding Birmans. He might not be perfect, but for me he is the prettiest little/big boy on earth.