Birmans with breeding rights
Deambarino Birman Cats
If you have found your way here, you are interested in purchasing a Birman kitten with breeding rights.
Occasionally we will sell our kittens with breeding rights as we did in the past while breeding in Germany. Breeders should be working together to improve the breed, but this is only possible if they share their work with one another. No one breeder can do this alone.

You need to understand who we are, what our breeding philosophies are, and what we are trying to do for the breed. You need to get to know us enough to trust us. If you don't trust us, there is no reason even to consider buying from us.

We will need to know what traits you are requiring in your new breeder. Good roman nose instead of round forehead? Deep blue eyes instead of fluffy furr quality? Fluffy furr instead of small sized ears? Do you think about showing the Birman? Perfect gloves and laces? Please remember there is not a perfect birman out there. If so, as a breeder I would keep the perfect Birman for my breeding program.
Birman Laces
However, we will only do this after we getting to know the person who wants to purchase a Birman breeder. We will not sell to new breeders who do not have a mentor. That means endless conversations to get to know each other, sharing pedigrees for the other breeders in your cattery to avoid inbreed, you being a registered cattery with Tica, CFA or ACFA (USA) or registered with the FIFE or another club in Europe.
blue Birman Eyes
Deambarino Birmans reserve the right to refuse breeding rights to any buyer to 100 % at our discretion.