Available Kittens
at Deambarino Birman cats
We don't have kittens available at this time.
If you are interested in our future babies, please make yourself familiar with our breeding philosophy through my website.
PRIOR to any inquiry, please make also sure to visit my Page Kitteninfo.

We do NOT maintain a waiting list for several reasons and don't take any deposits to reserve a specific kitten. Please be aware of several scammer websites on the www. Recently I stumbled over some of these websites. Scammers offer purebreeds to people who are desperately looking for their perfect kitten for around $600 and offer instant gratification.

We hope we will have our next litters in Spring/Summer 2023 from Marsala and Julchen and maybe from Queeny.

This page will be updated once we have something good to announce!

We specialize in the colors Blue and Lilac, with and without lynx/tabby, though with Julchen all colors are possible.

Visits are made by appointment to approved parties only, who are interested in one of the Birman kittens or Birman Cats listed as available on this page. No persons are allowed to browse our cattery unless they have a serious interest in one of our kittens.

Should you consider a kitten boy or a kitten girl? As a general rule of thumb, boys do tend on the whole to be more cuddly and affectionate than girls, although they are of course, all individuals, so it varies from cat to cat.
If you already have a female cat, it is safest to choose a male kitten/cat as sometimes a female will object to another female invading her territory, and this may cause ongoing dramas.