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I was breeding for a long time and I got hundreds of kitten inquiries over the years. I am sure a lot of them were disappointed that many breeders, including myself, never write back to them.
The problem is your approach! I can't count the number of times I've received an inquiry, which goes something like this:
"What color/sex kittens do you have, and how much are they?"
"Have you already sold all your cats and kittens?"
"Do you all have any letters ready to go? If so, could you please send me some information."
That's it - some without name, no signature to identify themselves, etc.

"Introduce Yourself":
Take a few minutes to write out a paragraph or two of introduction! Tell me your name, where you live, and some of your prior cat experience.

"Do some research":
What Birman look do you like? What color? Please remember we specialize in blue and lilac in solid and lynx - afterall, there are a wide variety of color, looks and personality out there.
Too often, a Birman interested person just writes to every breeder they can find, looking for kittens. To me, this tells me you just want whatever you can find that's available. Therefore, I do not have a waiting list and don't take deposits.

"Be willing to wait and be realistic":
Please - have some patience! The right cat can take awhile to find, but it's worth it. Rarely, if ever, will a breeder have something nice available right that second. You have to be prepared to wait... 6 months... a year... who knows? Too many people, new breeders and pet buyers alike, are into "instant gratification" - they move on to another breeder, wanting something "right now". If you've done your research and found a cattery or catteries you like, then be willing to wait.

"Prove Yourself":
No matter how nice you may sound on e-mail, phone, even in person - it's really just talk at that point, and we'd like to see some sign of a serious commitment. Browse through my homepage, most questions you might have will be answered there.

PRIOR to any inquiry, please make sure to visit my Kitteninfo and Available Kittens page. I prefer an introduction email before a call.

With this in mind,
Claudia Frank / USA Pickens near Greenville, SC Upstate

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