Deambarino Birmans cats
Birman Cattery in Upstate South Carolina, near Greenville
Dear Birman friends and visitors:

Our little blue point boy, Bardolino, 8 weeks old today, became available for future Birman parents.
Find new pictures from our 8 weeks old Babies HERE.

Our new family member, Snowyhaven Salsa aka Julchen has settled in only 2 weeks and rocking the house and the rest of the cats. We are extending our comfort zone with more colors in our future breeding program.


Deambarino Jubelito's birthday was on Oct. 2nd. He is now over a year old and will be a big boy.

Jubelito, lilac lynx, our future king at 1 year

We specialize in the colors Blue and Lilac, with and without lynx/tabby.

Queeni Queenie
Quarla Qarla
If you are interested in one of our future Birmans, please browse through our website. Please contact us only if you are seriously interested in an additional family member. We prefer as initial contact an introduction email. We do not maintain a waiting list!