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Birman Cattery in Upstate SC, near Greenville
I am a big believer in natural treatment of any disease in animals and people. Working with Homeopathy for over 30 years and colloidal silver for another 10 year has helped to avoid most of the time Antibiotics and other chemical treatments.
Since I have cats in my family, I have experienced 2 Fibrosarkoms in my cats, one just developed on the head and one appeared after a Rabies vaccination between the shoulder blades. I have treated both cats with the Heel protocol for Fibrosarkoms and both cats were living another 8 years after the treatment. Unfortunately, cancer got them later and they went over the Rainbow Bridge.
We had also a lot of bad experience after vaccinating our kittens. This goes from allergic reactions to losing kittens at the age of 4 month after vaccinations. Because of this experiences we have stopped vaccinating our cats and we are glad we have a very understanding Vet about this matter.

Baccara very sick
Baccara sick
Winter 2012 we must have caught a virus including our cats. Antibiotics didn't help for 2 weeks and 3 of our birmans had to go to the Vet and were treated there with 4 different Antibiotics and stayed under an Oxygen tend for a week. They came back worse and we almost have lost our Baccara. Long story.
Baccara 7 years later
Baccara today

Colloidal silver saved not only her life. She recovered quickly and is now 15 years old.

Since I do not want to reinvent the wheel, below is a link to a great website about Cat Vaccinations, Homeopathy and other natural treatments. I will read everything on this website the next month and extend my knowledge.

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