Our cats and kittens are cherished members of our
family. They are raised in our home, not in cages,
with lots of love and attention, living a very pampered
life. I screen for people who will value the kitten as a
cherished family member, and who are financially able to
care for it for the rest of its life. I've also taken
considerable time and effort to breed for the sweet personality.
I continue to stay informed in the latest feline care,
and I toil and worry endlessly over the best nutritious
diet for them as well as making sure they are well trained
and socialized before they leave my care. It's difficult to
put a value on all of these factors.

Kittens as a pet can leave for their new homes
around the age of 4 months, after they are altered.
When they go, they are early spayed, Vet Certified
(written health guarantee),Tica reg. and microchiped.
Please read this homepage about vaccinations and think about it once again.
PRICING for a pet: $800 all inclusive
I will take reservations (non refundable deposits)
when the kittens can be seen. At that time, you will
also have a copy of my contract to read - and sign.
All Kittens/Cats are sold on a strict "NO DECLAW" contract.

Our goal is both the kitten breeding as well as the responsibility
for our babys. From personal experience, we will not give our babys
to someone, who will keep them separately. The Homepage does only support with information. Our cats are´nt sold over the internet. If you
are interested, please get in touch with us personally.